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For over fifty years, Patagonia has been committed to purpose over profit. And since 2001, PK Health Gear has partnered with Patagonia to carry forth this shared mission. Together, we deliver award-winning, embroidered healthcare apparel and accessories. Support the planet, starting with what you wear.

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Custom Nurse Jackets That Get You Through Late Nights and Long Shifts.

Set yourself apart in the healthcare industry with a personalized nurse jacket. We are proud to partner with premium brands to design custom nurse jackets and all varieties of healthcare apparel.  

Nurses are among the most indispensable professionals in the healthcare industry: They endure late nights, long hours, and manage the emotional and physical strain of the environment they work in. They are the first person a patient sees, and those first impressions matter. What is more important than having the right gear to get nurses through their shift and ensure trust in the patients they care for? This is where PK Health Gear comes in.  

We believe your best performance starts with how you dress. As the saying goes: When you look good, you feel good, you play good. This is why we partner with premium brands to create award-winning medical uniforms for all practices in the healthcare industry, starting with custom nursing jackets. We have a personal passion for nurses, who do invaluable work for our communities.  

We take great pride in delivering a level of service that results in end-to-end excellence: we can help you create monogrammed nurse jackets, nurse jackets embroidered with names, Rn jackets, or any custom nursing jacket you want to see come to life.  

  • PK Health Gear helps healthcare facilities stand out in the world. The way you look, act, and dress should reflect the outstanding care you provide. Which is why we are proud to partner with Patagonia Health to provide personalized Patagonia for healthcare workers.   

    Employees of hospitals, clinics, and private practices are core community members who perform invaluable work. Like any business, healthcare organizations thrive when they build awareness and connect with the people they serve. This is just one of the reasons healthcare professionals partner with PK Health Gear. 

    We provide Patagonia medical apparel for healthcare professionals—fully customized and of the highest quality. We are able to give organizations exclusive access to personalized Patagonia apparel that will elevate the appeal and reputation of your healthcare network.  

    PK Health Gear offers complete, end-to-end service for Patagonia medical clothing under one roof. From creative and e-commerce services to design and warehousing, we execute every step of the branding process in a centralized and efficient way. Our customer service helps clients navigate through short lead times and deadlines, with low minimum orders and complete merchandise testing for quality and environmental sustainability. 

  • It’s never too early to start thinking about gifts for nurse's week.  

    PK Health Gear provides personalized apparel and accessories for every situation or occasion: promotional giveaways, company events, corporate gift-giving, supplying staff uniforms, and nurse week gifts. We offer several ways for you to personalize your order: 

    - Healthcare facility

    - Personalizations

    - Apparel types

    - Accessory types

    - Colors

    - Designs

    - Logos Sizes Price range 

    Need ideas for nurse's week gifts? We will happily assist you with designing meaningful gifts for your hard-working staff. We’re proud to work with iconic brands like Patagonia, YETI, Nike, and Peter Millar that make gifts that actually mean something. And the best part: We can help you bring your nurses week gift ideas to life, to show how much your hard-working staff means to you.