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We've built close relationships with some of the best-known brands in the world and we`ve introduced them to our customers in the healthcare industry.
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Personalized Uniforms for Healthcare Workers

Personalized Promotional Apparel for Healthcare Professionals

PK Health Gear offers a turnkey solution for the entire process of designing, ordering, manufacturing, and delivery of promotional healthcare products. 

Healthcare agencies use our customization tools to select clothing and accessories in a streamlined process. With several big-brand options to choose from, your medical organization can design unique apparel and accessories that represent your business with sharp imagery and appearance. 

Each part of our custom design tools lets you direct each step in the creative process, from logo design and imagery to text and font choice. You can even choose the media for the manufacturing step: screen printing, laser engraving, heat press, embroidery, and more. 

By keeping design, manufacture, and warehousing solutions under one roof, PK Health Gear helps medical organizations get the best quality of promotional merchandise at a minimal cost. 

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Personalized Patagonia Nurse Jackets for Healthcare Professionals

Perfect for Residents, Nurses, and Medical Staff Uniforms

Comfortable, Functional, Personalized Clothing for Healthcare Professionals

PK Health Gear’s branded products are perfect for promoting your medical organization’s business, values, and community presence. Whether worn around the hospital or at public healthcare events, our unique promotional healthcare apparel boosts visibility while keeping your staff and patients happy and comfortable.

PK Health Gear’s agility allows us to turn products around with short lead times. We offer low minimum orders, so hospitals and clinics only get what they need. With all our services — sales, creative, e-commerce, decoration, warehousing, and distribution — under the same roof, we’re the most efficient and cost-effective solution for promotional branded clothing for healthcare professionals.

How Branded Promotional Healthcare Products Benefit Your Medical Organization

Marketing plays as important a role in healthcare as with any other business field. Medical organizations need to convey their presence and communicate their values in compelling ways that are easily understood. Branded merchandise helps establish that visibility in clear, captivating fashion. 

Hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities are local institutions that depend on their communities’ trust. Part of maintaining that public confidence is crafting messaging that represents those values. Quality branded gear can help your medical business achieve and improve that profile. 

Durable, branded apparel gets worn over and over, whether it’s a staff uniform or a promotional item. When your medical institution’s brand is embellished on apparel, it becomes an easy, repeated marketing effort that’s practically expense-free. 

Professional, branded medical apparel is a subtle and effective way of reinforcing your medical team’s identity. It represents the common, noble goal that all your employees work toward every day. That’s a key component of boosting employee morale and improving results. 

From admissions to discharge, patients rely on medical employees to get them through challenging times. They appreciate the familiarity and dependability your medical staff represents. Branded apparel develops that confidence, improves patient comfort, and encourages high ratings on HCAHPS surveys. 

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  • PK Health Gear’s customization process gives our customers a streamlined, hassle-free way to create branded clothing for healthcare professionals from the most popular outdoor sports and lifestyle brands:

    - Choose one or more of your favorite premium brands
    - Select the apparel or accessories you want
    - Customize each item according to color, design, price range, size, and more
    - Order the quantities of each item that you need
    - Check out and purchase

patagonia healthcare uniforms, custom medical jackets, embroidered healthcare jackets
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embroidered hospital jackets, personalized fleece jackets
  • Medical institutions have a primary objective of improving and saving lives. Business and marketing operations necessarily take a back seat to that imperative. When hospitals and clinics need to devote some of their resources to branded staff and promotional clothing, the process they use needs to be as simple and trouble-free as possible. 

    That’s the thinking behind PK Health Gear’s ordering process. Our online services make it easy to select and design the products your staff needs in the colors, sizes, and quantities you want. We manufacture each item and ship the product straight to your hospital or clinic. We also make it simple to return items that are damaged or incorrect. 

    To use our online ordering process, visit our homepage and take these steps: 

    - Select a category from our top menu bar — shop by brand, men’s or women’s clothes, and accessories 
    - Browse through our sortable, filterable catalog items 
    - Choose the kind of apparel or products you want 
    - Customize your items with your choice of colors, sizes, images, and quantity 
    - If you’re a new customer, enter payment information 
    - Verify your order and check out 

    PK Health Gear is also more than happy to take your order over the phone. Our experts will guide you through the processes of designing, ordering, and shipping your products. Whether you use our online form or speak to us in person, you’ll get the same unbeatable level of customer service from PK Health Gear.